The Best Horseshoe Sets


A comfortable wear is what anyone would want to have every day, specially when the daily routine demands one to be his or her feet most of the time. It is not just about being provided with an adequate and healthy diet, even enough rest, as well as a good amount of regular exercise that matters most, more particularly when the daily workload calls one to be in a standing position throughout the day. And for horses who spend every waking hour on their feet, wearing the best horseshoe sets will inevitably provide the much-needed comfort even when they would need to be wearing a pair for as long as they can serve their purpose.

Horses and Horseshoes

Best Horseshoe Sets

Even though they are considered beasts of burden and are expected to carry heavy loads and perform or endure specific tasks that are naturally expected of them to act out, these animals can only do so much whenever they can or are forced to do. Their horseshoes may not seem much to lessen their workload, but they definitely make each step to accomplish a task easier to bear.

Just imagine doing all the work all day and having to stand for long hours while wearing an inappropriate footwear.

Think of those draft horses (Clydesdale, Breton, Shire and Boulonnais), which are bred to pull and carry heavy loads, and who can even pull twice their weight. Consider the number of times their hooves would have to land forcibly on the ground while carrying their tasks.

Even the light and gaited types of horses will need to walk, run, foxtrot, and do just about anything with their feet throughout their waking hours. And without the right horseshoeit will be a lot difficult for these horses to endure their day.

Wearing the right shoes not only help these horses maintain their balance, but it can also help prevent injuries to the bones, tendons and muscles of their legs. Properly fitted horseshoes also keep the hooves protected. However, if these shoes are not well-maintained, they can also cause some health issues in the horse later on.

The Best Horseshoe Sets

Horseshoes set can be made from any of these materials: steel, aluminum and rubber. Appropriate shoes for horses are made available by a wide variety of manufacturers who have made great strides to design and develop different shoes that not only fit the hind and the front feet of the horse, but also to improve its performance. And as not all of these designs may be made to be perfectly suited to every type of horse, you need to make sure that what you would be getting for your precious steed is one that will provide the most comfort and the needed support.

Proper Care of Horseshoes and Horse’s Hooves

These horseshoes are usually nailed to the hooves of the horses. There are, however, some that only requires a special adhesive to fit them onto the horses’ hooves. Depending on the situation, some hooves will need more care and attention during and after the hooves are attached to them.

Take note that improperly fitted or inappropriately positioned horseshoes can cause poor blood circulation in areas of the horse’s leg. To ensure that the horse will feel comfortable all the time with the horseshoes attached to its hooves and that the shoes will not be causing any health issues later on, i is important to consult an expert or a veterinarian’s assistance in maintaining the health of your horse.

Horseshoes need to be properly trimmed about every six weeks. To make sure that your horse’s feet are constantly kept safe and protected, have the shoes checked daily for any foreign materials like rocks and other debris that may have lodged in the crevices of the shoes. Proper monitoring is important to ensure that your horse is not suffering from any injury on its foot as well.

As a final note, remember that your horse may have lived shoeless for a long time before you even have the chance to care for it. However, these horses may have lived as free as they want to. They were never forced to train or do more challenging tasks than they do in their natural habitat. As such, it is your responsibility to ensure that the horse is properly taken cared of, including its hooves that contribute much to the animal’s capability to hold much of its weight without getting injured or inflicting harm to the other parts of its body. Keeping the best horseshoe sets for your horse and having them comfortably fitted and well-managed will help ensure that your horse will be doing everything with its feet at top levels without getting hurt.