Review Guidelines

Since people are actually requesting reviews I thought I would be a little more specific than “Send me your book, I’ll review it.”

My goal is to make people aware of the good books and warn them off the not so good books (even if they are free or cost .99 or whatever.) Reading a book takes time. It should be worth it,right? istock

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Reviews are free.

2. I think most book reviews are boring. I really don’t want to write the same old boring book review so I have two goals for the reviews I write– I want them to answer the question “Should I buy this book?” and I want to answer that question in an interesting way. This may make for some unconventional book reviews.

3. I will review anything but books that have some sort of religious tilt (Christian fiction would be a good example) and Westerns (because I think they are boring). Anything else is up for grabs– fiction, non-fiction, whatever. With that being said, my personal reading tastes run the spectrum from mysteries and thrillers, to horror, sci-fi, and literary fiction. On my own time I don’t choose to read romance novels, or much fantasy (I’m talking the wizards and trolls and characters with names full of consonants type fantasy, I do read some urban fantasy). I will review books in genres I don’t really care for and won’t give a bad review just because it is something I don’t typically read.

4. I will, however, give negative reviews to books that I think are ill conceived, poorly written or just plain boring.

5. I will post the review to Amazon and Smashwords and anywhere else you tell me that your book is for sale. Don’t get crazy– pick your top two.


If you want a guaranteed review (completed within two weeks) you can pay $25 for an expedited review. Keep in mind that this does not mean you will receive a  favorable review, merely an honest (possibly snarky)  review.