Truthfully, I am not sure what this blog is about. I have been writing for a long time—sometimes professionally but mostly not.

Lately, I have been working on a novel. Actually, I have been working on some version of this novel for years. I have parts of it written


on scraps of paper, stashed it in countless notebooks, and sprawled out over a hundred Word documents. I will abandon it for long stretches of time  and then come back to it and work on it feverishly – until I don’t. We have an abusive relationship, my novel and I. But if I ever manage to finish it (or something) I know I want to publish it non traditionally. I have a weakness for anything that the indie label can be slapped on: music, films, stores, clothing designers, and for a long time now I have had a crush on indie publishing. Either I can’t get enough of that pull -yourself- up- by- your- bootstraps- DIY ethos or I am a hopeless and raging hipster. I prefer to think it is my salt of the earth, Midwestern upbringing that has instilled me with this endless need to champion the little guys, the underdogs, the locally owned businesses.

Whatever. Decide for yourself.

With all that in mind, this blog is about writing, and trying to be a writer, and indie publishing, and indie books, and regular books, and occasionally, music that makes me want to write books, and probably other random things because I am a shameless dilettante that can scrounge up interest for just about anything if left unattended for long enough.

February 26, 2019